About Us

truewhite is a California based company operated by a bunch of crazy people. truewhite is every bit as uncomplicated as its name.  True value, true integrity, true innovation and truly top quality are at the core of truewhite’s product development.  Safe and natural light technology include non-invasive therapies that are 100 percent safe for improving and brightening smiles.  Our completely silicone safe products contain no harmful elements and our innovative formula of safe, effective antioxidant blend provides proven results that you can trust. Our products have always delivered the highest quality teeth whitening therapies, and we value the hard won faith our clients have in our products. 

truewhite knows that the most important services we can offer our clients include a high quality product, dependable service and true value, plus a reliable relationship with a trusted company. 

We know that our truewhite philosophy is unusual and unique, and we are committed to continuing our tradition of innovation, safety, integrity and ethically superior product development that provides the one of a kind product line our clients have come to love.

We invite you to explore True Company’s collection of fine products and try them for yourself.  We’re sure you’ll love them and that you’ll be pleased with the quality as well as the results.  You can trust us.  It’s true.