truewhite™ whitening system
Ever wish you had a brighter smile, and whiter, cleaner looking teeth? We are aware that, as we age, our teeth naturally darken and dull. Have you worried that bringing back your bright smile can be a costly undertaking, involving hours in the dental chair and painful procedures?

Stop worrying!
truewhite™ whitening system is a teeth whitening system that has revolutionized the industry, making tooth whitening easy, convenient and effective at a fraction of the cost. All you need to do is shine a little light on the subject.
Specifically, a blue LED (Light Emitting Diode), the latest in cutting edge technology for cosmetic teeth whitening. LED teeth whitening is a proven technology, tested worldwide and available for use in the privacy of your own home, or as part of your dentist quality teeth whitening in-office procedure. Safe and effective, using cool ray Blue LED lights, with selected wavelengths,
truewhite™ uses a dental grade peroxide formula to whiten teeth safely, up to ten shades whiter in just two sessions!

First, truewhite™ whitening system attacks those dull discolorations on the teeth. Then it begins a systematic, effective teeth whitening, using a specifically tailored dental grade whitening gel, combined with the power of high-tech blue rays of
LED light, producing amazing results. Teeth are all whitened simultaneously, due to specially engineered upper and lower, inside and outside, applicators that cover all areas for the best tooth whitening results. If safety and good health are important to you, rest assured that truewhite™ whitening system uses only the finest dental grade gel, produced in the USA, and that our products are free of gluten, fluoride or alcohol ingredients to ensure the safety of our clients.

Q. What is truewhite™?
A. truewhite™ whitening system was developed by leading dental professionals whose mission it was to develop a cost effective, convenient system to whiten teeth successfully, a viable alternative to costly, painful dental office whitening treatments, such as "ZOOM!" or "Brite Smile."

Q. How does truewhite™ differ from Crest White Strips and professional dental kits?
A. truewhite™ whitening system harnesses the power of cutting edge Blue Light Emitting Diode (LED) waves in a unique system that is equivalent to an In-office treatment, without the pain, without the tooth sensitivity issues and without the high cost.

Q. Why the Blue Light Emitting Diode light?
A. truewhite™ whitening systems employs the revolutionary power of blue LED light in a handheld device. Once the dental grade formulated gel is dispensed onto the lower and upper mouth trays, Blue LEDs are able to easily and precisely target the activation of our gel in less than thirty minutes.

Q. Does it hurt?
A. truewhite™ whitening system does not cause any pain or sensitivity, such as laser teeth whitening or dental whitening procedures might, due to a special and unique dental grade gel formula that has never before been available in ANY take-home system.

Q. How long does truewhite™ last?
A. Depending on client habits for daily care and diet, truewhite™ whitening systems have recorded up to two years of lasting results for tooth whitening.

Q. How many sessions is my truewhite™ whitening system good for?
A. truewhite™ whitening systems comes equipped with enough dental grade gel for up to twenty half-hour treatments.

Q. What happens when I have no more sessions remaining?
A. truewhite™ whitening system refill kits are available for purchase directly from our website, and are designed for use with any teeth whitening system.